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Sleep disordered breathing in kids.

Sleep-disordered breathing among kids, snoring among kids, what should I do?

What is sleep-disordered breathing?  Sleep-disordered breathing refers to a group of breathing abnormalities that occur during sleep. The abnormalities included in this group include: Snoring Mouth Breathing Cessation of breathing Patients with sleep-disordered breathing also may have some of the following symptoms: Excessive sleepiness Poor concentration Inattention Hyperactivity Aggression Depression Anxiety Bedwetting(nocturnal enuresis) Sleep-disordered breathing

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ear, nose and throat conditions.

Frequently asked questions about ear, nose and throat conditions.

What are the common causes of nasal obstruction? Common causes of nasal obstruction include a bilateral turbinates hypertrophy, deviated nasal septum and nasal polyps. Rarer causes is cancers of sinuses and nasal region. What is ear discharge? Which needs treatment? Ear discharge is any fluid that comes from the ear. Or medical terminology called as

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